Kaun Bataye is based on the writings of an anonymous poet set against the backdrop of the turbulent events of the present day. The song is not just a lament about a failure of society to adapt to modern times but also a song that celebrates the fact that we will prevail in the face of such adversity to regain the humanity that we seem to have lost somewhere along the way.

“The more things change, the more they remain the same.”

-Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

While our nation rushes to embrace the future,  as a people our values of responsibility, tolerance and diversity are stymied. The disruption and chaos of recent events impacts even those who are not consciously aware of it by affecting their day to day lives in drastic ways. Perceived progress that we often hear about in politics does not represent real change, and cover up the fact that the status quo in society tends to remain unchanged. We, the people that make up this great nation, are suffocating at the hands of this tightening noose of hate and division spurred on by hollow and empty promises.

We have arrived at a tipping point beyond which fear can no longer quell the aching heart. And that’s when we must start looking inward, by asking tough, uncomfortable questions. It’s time to look closer, it’s time to ask questions, both of ourselves, and those in positions of power.

Taken from the writings of an anonymous poet set against the backdrop of the turbulent events of the present day, Kaun Bataye asks an important question –“Aaj bhi kal ke jaisa kyun hai?”



Kaun bataye, kisse pooche, Sab to hai, Insaan kahan hai?

Dharam kahan, Imaan kahan hai?

Khuda kahan, bhagwaan kahan hai?

Aaj bhi kal ke jaisa kyun hai?

Kaun bataye kisse pooche, Sab to hai insaan kahan hai?

Jale hue yeh ghar kiske hai? Kate hue yeh sar kiske hai?

Naaze aur khanjar kiske hai? Yeh khooni manzar kiske hai?

Aaj bhi kal ke jaisa kyun hai?



LEAD VOCALS: Jagtinder Singh Sidhu



BACKING VOCALS: Pinak Mokashi , Sudheer Rikhari

BASS: Anirban Ghosh

DRUMS: Nikhil Vasudevan



RECORDED, MIXED AND MASTERED by Ritwik De & Amar Pandey (Ghar ka Studios)

REMASTERED by Varun Gupta



Conceived by Dastaan Live

Edited by Pinak Mokashi

Creative team: Vaibhavi Kowshik, Anirban Ghosh, Anant Raina , Sumant Balakrishnan

Artwork /Translation: Sumant Balakrishnan



Abhimanyu Prathap, Abhinav Khetarpal, Ankit Pandey, Dr Ashutosh Dayal Mathur, Jigyasu Rahul, Kartavya Sharma, Lakshay, Moulik, Nikhil, Patruni (Suffocated art specimen), Phoolkumari, Pranshu, Pritish, Sonakshi, Sumedha, Varun, Vedi, Vibhor,


SPECIAL THANKS: Akila Jayaraman, Anjali Raina, Anurupa Roy, Arnab (Meta Arts), Crystelle, Devika Bedi, Ikroop Sandhu, Kriti Pant, M.K Raina, Malvika Nanda (The Big Beat), M Krishna Rao, Mohit Satyanand, Neel Choudhury, Purva Arora (Pagalchikanya), Dr. Saif Mahmood, Sandbox Collective, Sanyukta Saha, Sarover Zaidi, Shambhavi Singh, Shameem, Shiraz Hussain (Khwaab Tanha Collective), Shupriyo Maitra, Siddhant Aney, Sidhant Chowdhry, Sukriti Khurana, Vedi (The Aahvaan Project), Vinay Mahajan, Yashas Chandra