Photo Courtesy: Yashas Chandra

We live in the world’s largest democracy.

Today, India aspires to be a superpower on the world stage as a model of tolerance – a peaceful, benevolent, developing nation that cares only for its land and its people. However, there is a parallel narrative unfolding in the streets, the villages, the rivers and the forests of India. Values that we took for granted are being twisted, upended and diluted, a new set of values are swiftly taking their place. A country whose moral compass is, perhaps, broken, isn’t the country we grew up in. Increasingly so, we are feeling disenfranchised from our own national identity. How can we sit by silently and watch this happen? Don’t we have a role and responsibility in all of this?

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Dastaan LIVE is that response by a group of concerned artists to the circumstances that surround them.

They were drawn together by their love for music initially but ambition to collectively work towards something bigger-using their music, their lights and their visuals to tell the stories of India from their perspective, an urban, middle-class perspective.

Dastaan LIVE is an art-rock project that brings together the world of the aural and the visual to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for audiences. We constantly strive to discover new ways to make this project increasingly immersive for our audiences, creating spaces for dialogue and interpretations and compelling people above all, to think…

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A tale of a city is incomplete without the characters that shape it.

Ordinary people that have lived extraordinary lives. The weak versus the powerful. The haves and the have-nots. Religions pitted against one another. Each person jostling for space in a city that is already filled to the brim. A confluence of a myriad cultures, faiths and traditions, juxtaposed with the aspirational, modernist and consumerist nature of Urban spaces is what makes this narrative truly compelling. The journey of Urban-Spaces thus far hasn’t been an easy one and no one is quite sure of what the road ahead will bring.

The stories that we narrate (through music, poetry, performance, visuals, lights) are common to the entire country, and by extension, the entire subcontinent and people, irrespective of where they come from, also relate to them at some level. The broad themes that the show touches upon – displacement, unfettered urbanisation, aspirations of people living in cities, religious tensions and disharmony , communal violence are everyday realities in South Asia Since cities are on the verge of becoming homogenised and our format is flexible enough to constantly evolve to accommodate new spaces, we look forward in the future to form narratives with musicians and storytellers from other cities in a collaborative effort to look at them in a brand new light.