Children smile, Flowers blossom, Sunlight shines into our window. Smiles gone, Flowers withered away, Gloom fills the day. Let’s keep peace in the world, So Happiness stays.” — Hua Jing

What does it mean to be free?
Mat Ro Bachche is a lullaby for a child who has lost everything to conflict. It is based on the poem “philistini bachche ke liye Lori” by Faiz Ahmad Faiz.
The video is a one-take performance using mixed-media and elements of shadow puppetry to create the narrative.

About Dastaan LIVE:

Dastaan LIVE is a art-rock project that brings together the world of the aural and the visual to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for audiences. The project was conceived by Anirban Ghosh and Sumant Balakrishnan in 2016. Since early 2018, Dastaan LIVE has carved a niche for themselves in the alternative arts space. The project constantly strives to discover new ways to make this project increasingly immersive for our audiences , creating spaces for dialogue and interpretations and compelling people above all, to think.

Directed by / Editor: Anant Raina
DOP: Shupriyo Maitra
Animation / Storyboarding: Ikroop Sandhu Art Direction: Sumant Balakrishnan, Vaibhavi Kowshik, Ankit Pandey, Abhinav Khetarpal, Pinak Mokashi
Visual Documentation: Pinak Mokashi
Production Design: Ankit Pandey, Abhinav Khetarpal, Anuj Chopra
Performed by: Ankit Pandey, Sahir Hariharan , Anuj Chopra, Abhinav Khetarpal, Anirban Ghosh, Anant Raina
Producer: Anirban Ghosh
Anirban Ghosh (Co-Founder / Composer / Bass Guitar)
Sumant Balakrishnan (Co-Founder / Composer / Guitar / Vocals)
Jagtinder Singh Sidhu (Hindustani Vocals)
Nikhil Vasudevan (Drums / Backing Vocals)
Subhanshu Singh (Guitar / Backing Vocals)
Sudheer Rikhari (Vocals / Spoken word poetry)
Varun Gupta (Tabla / Percussions)
Rahul Sharma (Percussions)
Pinak Mokashi (Backing Vocals)
Track recorded at: Ghar ka studios:
Track mixed and mastered by: Ritwik De & Amar Pandey
Track artwork by: Shiraz Hussain:
Visual Design (Dastaan LIVE): Yashas Chandra
We would like to thank:
Faiz Foundation Trust
Samina Mishra


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