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Anirban Ghosh

Co-Founder / Composer / Bass Guitar

Baan is an arts entrepreneur, musician/composer, and an avid adventure lover. He has more than 14 years of experience as a professional musician performing and recording worldwide with musicians like Bernie Marsden, Murad Ali Khan, Susmit Sen, Kamal Sabri, Leonhard Huhn, Sebastian Gramss, Philip Zoubek, Rabbi Shergill, Orosz Zoltan, Gianni Denitto, Derek Beckvold to name a few. He is a recipient of the ARThink South Asia Fellowship, RSA fellowship (UK), British Council’s Young Creative Entrepreneur award, Goethe Institut’s SAMUR fellowship and Fellowship in Leadership & Innovation. He has had an exciting career in the corporate world (thanks to his foray into the world of business management and information technology) but chose to pursue arts as it brings him closer to his passion and be a part of the global ‘creative change-makers’ community.

He currently serves as the managing trustee of an arts-based not for profit – Aagaaz Theatre Trust and also consults with various startups around strategy/leadership/product development.

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Sumant Balakrishnan

Co-Founder / Co- Composer / Guitars / Vocals

Sumant Balakrishnan (Bala) is a vocalist and guitarist from New Delhi, India. He has been active on the independent music scene as the founder and vocalist/guitarist for the Modern Rock act Barefaced Liar and has played at premier venues and festivals across India since 2008. He is also the founder of Delhi blues act NokNok and involved in various commercial music ventures. Most recently, Sumant received the Best Innovative Sound design award at META’19 (Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards).


Bala is known for his distinctive voice and guitar playing as well as his penchant for contemporary composition and arrangement.

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Yashas Chandra

Visual Designer / Live Projections

Yashas Chandra is a photographer living and working in Delhi. His work, focusing on human rights, has taken him to far corners of the country covering issues from women’s rights and HIV/AIDS awareness to migration and unemployment. His travel work has been featured in several national and international travel magazines, and he is currently working on a series of short films collaborating with dancers in urban spaces.

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Subhanshu Singh


Shubhanshu prefers letting his guitar do the talking. Storming on to the Delhi music scene nearly a decade ago, Shubhanshu has been widely recognized for his stunning playing. He started playing guitar at the age of 13 and his melodic and technical approach never fails to leave the hardest of critics spellbound. Shubhanshu is also the lead guitarist for other Delhi-based bands like The Copycats , Fruzu and Trizya

He has played at premier venues and festivals across India.


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Varun Gupta

Percussions / Live Sampling

Varun Gupta has been working as a freelance musician for the past 9 years and as a freelance Sound engineer for past several years. He has worked with accomplished artists like Ustad Kamal Sabri (son of Padmabhushan Ustad Sabri Khan), Suhail Yusuf Khan (grandson of Padmabhushan Ustad Sabri Khan) and popular bands like Advaita, Harpreet, Shibani Kashyap, Susmit Sen chronicles and many others and has performed in several music festivals and has done studio and live sound for several bands in different events across the country and abroad.

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Sudheer Rikhari

Vocals/Spoken Word Poetry

The Actor – Director from Bela Theatre has learned Hindustani classical vocal from “Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya”. He has done his masters degree in “Hindustani Classical” from KHAIRAGARH UNIVERSITY”. He was part of INDIAN OCEAN when Asheem fell sick and passed away in 2009. Sudheer’s singing is majorly influenced by his theater background. He is a writer (BONGINGON – Susmit Sen Chronicles), Actor (Piya Behrupia – Atul Kumar/Company theatre, Tansen to name a few), Singer (Susmit Sen Chronicles, Indian Ocean) and is a regular face in the Delhi theatre scene.

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Jagtinder Singh Sidhu


Jagtinder Singh hails from Punjab has been actively singing for the world-fusion band Mrigya since 2009 and has also been part of several other projects. His versatility and prowess over hindustani classical vocals sets his apart from his contemporaries. Apart from singing live, he also teaches hindustani vocals. He completed his bachelor’s and master’s in hindustani vocals from Delhi University.

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Nikhil Vasudevan


Nikhil is a versatile drummer and composer. He is perhaps the most sort after drummer in the city playing for more than 15 projects/bands. Some of these include Ska Vengers, Prateek Kuhad and the Jass B’stards. As a Drummer, Nik has performed at some of the biggest festivals / stages around the world – South by Southwest, Glastonbury Festival, WOMAD Festival, has toured Europe, US with his bands and also featured on BBC radio 6. When he is not playing music, he is watching documentaries or having conversations about these documentaries.

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Shupriyo Maitra

Cinematographer / Visual Documentation

As a cinematographer, Shupriyo tells stories through light and color compositions. He is driven by collaborations with diverse people on unique stories. He brings his experience as a visual artist to help complete the artistic jigsaw puzzle in film-making and bring stories to life.

Movement and motion, the game between light and shadow, as visual and real life elements fascinates him.

He has worked extensively on commercial and documentary projects throughout South Asia and Europe.

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Vaibhavi Kowshik

Visual Design / New Media

Vaibhavi has been practicing her craft since 2008 as a stage and set designer, installation artist, and an exhibition designer. Based in New Delhi, she is now moving towards immersive interactions within the realm of expressionistic space and wants to dive back into her imaginative drawing style for all future projects. Her formal engagements at present are as the Director of Programmes for an All India Society called ARTS-GLACERHI and as an Assistant Professor for Communication Design at the Indian Institute of Art & Design. Her dream, however, is to swim out into the ocean and never look back !!

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Sandbox Collective

Executive Producer

Sandbox Collective is a creative services organisation that curates, produces and tours performances. It acts as a catalyst facilitating meaningful collaborations nationally and internationally between artists, cultural agencies and arts spaces creating an explosion of innovative artistic expression.


Pic Courtesy – Lekha Naidu

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Pinak Mokashi

Visual Documentation / Backing Vocals

Pinak has been associated with the independent music scene for close to 10 years. In these 10 years he has worked both on stage and as part of the production/artist management team as well. He has been working as a freelance filmmaker, producer for the past 5 years and has been closely working with independent bands helping them to create visual content. He likes goats.

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Abhinav Khetarpal

Lights & Space Design

Abhinav Khetarpal is a visual designer based in Delhi. He specialises in Lighting Design but has gone on to work with other mediums like projection and sound. Being a literature student, his work is greatly influenced by different schools of thought like Impressionism, Surrealism, and Art Noveau. His approach towards design is that of painting a picture with each light source, colour, sound, and visual, carefully picked. Owing to his diverse visual grammar, he has gone on to design music concerts, theatre performanaces, art exhibitions, to name a few. He holds an equal interest in designing performance venues. Having worked in almost all departments of a production, both on and off stage, lends him a holistic perception of what these spaces need. When he’s not working on a project, you can find him with his friends, cooking and listening to good music

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Ankit Pandey

Lights & Space Design

Ankit Pandey is a Lighting Designer based in Delhi. Right from his college days, he has had a keen interest in the field of lighting. Owing to his involvement with collegiate theatre, he has had ample space to experiment, explore and build up his skill set despite having to work with very limited resources at times. He began to make his own lights and functional consoles and is now proficient in designing and making lighting setups for unconventional venues. He’s recently gone on to design Delhi’s first comedy studio in SDA Market. He works on large-scale setups ranging from rock concerts to classical dance recitals, plays, and exhibitions. He has left a mark on the Delhi theatre circuit due to his instinctive sense of the performing arts. He is greatly influenced by minimalism as is evident in his work. When he’s not working on a project you can find him fiddling with different musical instruments or out travelling the mountains.

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Anant Raina

Visual Documentation (Film / Documentary)
Anant is a freelance filmmaker based in Delhi who has been working mainly in the non-fiction space for over 10 years. He has worked in various roles on programs for clients like the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Columbia Sportswear, PVR Nest, Cartoon Network and PSBT among others. He is also the program co-ordinator for Ethno India, an international music exchange program for young musicians. Apart from filmmaking he loves to travel and make photographs. He is also a novice capoerista, a certified open water diver and is currently learning West African drumming.